Houzeo Review: Is It Good for Sellers?

5 min readSep 22, 2023

Houzeo is an online For Sale By Owner (FSBO) platform designed to assist people in their home-selling journey. It guarantees that your home will be on the MLS in less than 24 hours.

Houzeo doesn’t require you to hire a real estate agent. Instead, it gives you the tools otherwise available to these agents at a fraction of the cost. You get to save thousands in commissions while having complete control of your real estate transaction.

Let’s look at its technology, packages, Houzeo reviews and its pros and cons to see if this Flat Fee company is a good fit for you.

What Is Houzeo?

Houzeo is a Flat Fee MLS listing service provider. It offers affordable packages ranging from $349 to $399 that let you list your home on the MLS yourself. This eliminates the need for a real estate agent and saves you the 3% listing agent commission.

With its advanced user-friendly tools and services, Houzeo guides you in your home-selling journey. You can benefit from its IntelliList Listing Management service, Houzeo Offers platform, Houzeo Showings tool, etc. They streamline processes, simplify management, and enhance efficiency in your real estate transaction.

Apart from home sellers, Houzeo also offers features for buyers. They can look for FSBO listings online and make offers on them. With Houzeo’s mobile app, buyers can sort homes by location, mark favorites, and request showings on the go.

Is Houzeo Legitimate?

Yes, Houzeo is a legitimate company. It was founded by Amit Dhameja in 2017 and has its headquarters in New York. Houzeo’s ultimate goal is to become a one-stop solution for all real estate needs.

▶️ Is Houzeo Legit: Click here to find out if Houzeo is a reliable platform for your real estate needs.

Benefits of Using Houzeo

Houzeo offers various tools and resources to cater to real estate needs. Here’s an overview of what Houzeo provides:

For a Seller:

  • Quick MLS Listings: Houzeo can help you list your property on the MLS within 24 hours or even as fast as 8 hours with Rush Service.
  • Maximum Exposure of the Property: Houzeo syndicates your listing to popular real estate platforms like Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, and more.
  • Efficient Offer Management: Houzeo’s allows you to compare, counter, and call for the highest and best offers in one place.
  • Effortless Online Paperwork: Houzeo simplifies the listing process with E-signatures and its 100% online paperwork technology.

For a Buyer:

  • Wide Range of Home Listings: Houzeo provides a listing page with different properties for buyers to browse through. These properties include single-family homes, condos, mobile homes, and more.
  • Houzeo Pros Directory: Houzeo offers a comprehensive roster of real estate professionals. Buyers can find state-wise agents, attorneys, title agents, mortgage lenders, and inspectors on the platform.
  • Dedicated FSBO Seller Listings: Houzeo lets the buyers search for FSBO homes directly on the Houzeo website without the involvement of a broker. This saves thousands of dollars in brokerage fees.
  • Closing Cost Calculator: Houzeo’s buyer closing cost calculator lets the buyers get an estimate of their closing costs. This helps you estimate the total amount you need to pay for the property.

Houzeo Packages and Fees

Houzeo’s packages are tailored for sellers based on their experience level. Let’s explore these packages and see which one can fulfill your requirements:

1. Bronze Package — $379+

The Bronze Package is ideal for those selling land or plots. It offers:

  • MLS listing for 3 months
  • 6 photos on the MLS
  • Syndication to real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.
  • Access to the user-friendly Houzeo online dashboard for listing updates (Note: you will be charged a $25 fee for each change)
  • Custom yard sign for $49.

2. Silver Package — $399+

The Silver Package is Houzeo’s most expensive package. It is a comprehensive option for experienced sellers who are self-sufficient. It includes:

  • MLS listing for 6 months
  • 24 photos on the MLS
  • Syndication to real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.
  • Unlimited listing changes without any extra charge
  • Assistance with generating legally compliant contracts
  • Custom yard sign for $49.

3. Gold Package — $379 + 0.5% / Minimum $999 at closing

The Gold Package is Houzeo’s most popular package. It is specially designed for those looking for more personalized support in their home-selling journey. It offers:

  • MLS listing for 6 months
  • The maximum number of photos possible
  • Unlimited listing changes without any extra charge
  • Unlimited open houses
  • Free custom yard sign
  • Federal and State Disclosures
  • Personal Concierge
  • Syndication to real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.
  • Access to Houzeo Showings and Houzeo Offers

4. Platinum Package — $349 + 1% / Minimum $999 at closing

This Platinum Package is beneficial for first-time home sellers opting for FSBO. A virtual full-service broker will assist you throughout your home-selling journey. It includes:

  • MLS listing for 12 months
  • The maximum photos possible
  • Unlimited listing changes without any extra charge
  • Unlimited open houses
  • Federal and State Disclosures
  • Access to Houzeo Showings and Houzeo Offers
  • Call forwarding service
  • Personal Concierge
  • Virtual broker assistance
  • Syndication to real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.
  • Custom yard sign for free

Pros and Cons of Houzeo

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Houzeo:

Pros of Using Houzeo:

  • Saves Agent’s Comission: You can list your home independently without needing an agent. This lets you save money and avoid a 3% traditional agent commission.
  • Prioritizes Transparent Pricing: You get upfront and transparent pricing information about all the costs involved when listing your home.
  • Facilitates Direct Communication: You will get a chance to connect with the buyer directly. This way, there is no risk of misunderstanding or miscommunication.
  • Have Country-wide Reach: Houzeo offers its MLS listing services in 47 states and Washington DC.
  • Offers Advanced Technology: You can make your real estate transaction easy with advanced tools like Houzeo Showings and their mobile app.

Cons of Using Houzeo:

  • Lack of In-Person Customer Assistance: Houzeo’s online platform doesn’t provide face-to-face support. However, it attempts to address this gap by offering helpful blogs to clarify real estate jargon.
  • Charges Additional Costs: Custom yard signs may involve additional charges in certain packages. But it’s essential to consider these options to ensure you get the best value for your needs.

Houzeo Customer Reviews

Our research on Houzeo revealed that it has accumulated over 5,000 reviews on Google and Trustpilot. It has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Positive Houzeo reviews show that users are happy with its responsive customer support team. Additionally, most customers appreciate the company’s affordable packages over other Flat Fee MLS companies. However, some Houzeo complaints highlight the unavailability of listing brokers.

Is Houzeo Right for You?

Houzeo’s popularity in real estate is due to its advanced tech and great customer support. These elements have firmly established Houzeo as a top choice for sellers and buyers.

Houzeo’s flat fee packages provide all the services you may need in your home-selling journey at affordable rates. This, coupled with its advanced tech, makes Houzeo a suitable solution for your real estate needs.